Why Does God Exalt Himself in the Bible?

It’s All About God

God glorifies Himself through His people and actions throughout Scripture. Why would He honor Himself? In this two-part post, John Mahaffey and John Piper, each answer this question by examining the nature of God.

John Mahaffey, Senior Pastor of West Highland Church in Ontario, Canada, teaches that the whole Bible focuses on God so He can reveal Himself to us and we can know Him better. 

The whole Bible is about God—His character, attributes, and nature. He uses the Bible to reveal Himself to us.  

According to John, how does Scripture show us who God is? Why does God want to reveal Himself to us through His Word?
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How could the knowledge that God wants you to know Him transform the way you approach the Bible this week?
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God wants us to know Him, so He communicates His nature through the pages of Scripture. Block off time this week to read the Bible. Focus on God’s character and pray for wisdom to know Him better.  

An Expression of Love

The last section of this post focused on how we can know God because He reveals Himself through Scripture. John Piper, founder and teacher of desiringGod.org and Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary, talks about God's self-exaltation as an expression of His love for us.  

God’s profound love for us compels Him to present Himself to us accurately. He is high and lifted up, mighty and powerful. He glorifies Himself in the Bible because He is honest about His character.  

John said if God did not exalt Himself, He would distract us from the reason we were made. Why were we made? How would God be distracting us from our purpose?
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John concluded that God puts the spotlight on Himself as an expression of His love. How does God’s self-exaltation reveal His love for us?
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Why did John say we shouldn’t exalt ourselves? How does it take away from God’s glory and fame?
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What could you do this week to worship and praise God? How might your day-to-day life change if it was focused on exalting God rather than yourself?
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God loves us. Out of His great love, He reveals Himself to us and allows us to glimpse His glory. He gives us the Bible so we can understand and know Him. As you go about your week, thank God for being a powerful yet personal God. Worship Him this week because He is worthy of all praise.  

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