Bible Basics

Can We Trust the Bible?

The Bible spans centuries of history, yet remains God's Word to mankind. How can we know if the Bible is trustworthy? In the first part of this post, John Piper, founder and teacher of and Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary, explains how trusting the Bible and knowing Jesus go hand in hand.  

The Bible is trustworthy. In fact, we can stake our lives on its very words. John said the person of Jesus, revealed through Scripture, grounds our trust in the Bible.  

How does John relate knowing Jesus to trusting the Bible?
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Have you ever experienced the spiritual transformation that comes with knowing Christ? If so, did it transform your view of Scripture? Why or why not?
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How could you use your time in the Bible to get to know Jesus this week? What might that look like practically?
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We can put confidence in the Bible because Jesus is trustworthy. As you go about your week, carve out time to read and study Scripture. Take a note of what God teaches you about Himself and thank Him for revealing Himself to you.  

What is the Central Message of the Bible?

The Bible is 66 books long with countless stories of heroes, great sins, God speaking, and Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Of all these stories and poems, what is the main idea of the Bible? In the previous section, John Piper taught that the Bible is trustworthy. In this final session, Colin Smith, Senior Pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois, points to the person of Jesus as the central message of the Bible. 

The Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city. In between, the entirety of Scripture points to one person as the central character of the narrative. 

What does Colin say is the central message of the Bible? How does that message relate to the rest of the Bible?
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Colin tells Christians to preach Jesus to the world. He said Christian preaching would get you kicked out of a synagogue or mosque because it declares that Jesus alone provides the way to God.  

How could you put Christian preaching into practice at work, school, or at home this week? What would it look like for you to share the central biblical message of Jesus Christ with your friends and family?
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The Bible is all about Jesus Christ. Knowing Him transforms your entire life from the way you read the Bible to what you say to your friends. This week, tell people about Jesus. Explain how the whole Bible points to Jesus and share Jesus’ impact on your life.   

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