Should We Harmonize the Four Gospels?

Many Approaches

The Gospels provide a window into the life of Christ. Many of the stories overlap, so it’s easy to study each Gospel side-by-side to catch similarities. There’s also a way to study the Gospels to highlight their differences.  Dr. Tim Savage, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Bible Church in Phoenix, Arizona, walks through how to study the Gospels side-by-side and on their own. 

Tim said it’s good to harmonize the Gospels, but you can also study the Gospels separately to highlight the different emphases each author makes about Jesus’ life.  

Why did Tim say it’s good to study the Gospels both together and apart? What are the benefits of each approach?
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Why did Tim suggest thinking of the Gospels as four long sermons? What could you potentially notice if you studied the Gospels this way?
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How could you apply one of the approaches Tim mentioned in your study of the Gospels this week?
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By varying the way you study the Gospels, you can realize new things about Jesus’ life and character. Take a fresh look at the Gospels this week and ask the Holy Spirit to speak new life as you study Scripture.  

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