How to Pastor a Multi-Ethnic Church

Three Suggestions

Diversity in the local church is more common as cities draw people from different cultures and backgrounds. What does it look like to pastor a culturally diverse church? Listen to John Mahaffey, Senior Pastor of West Highland Church in Ontario, Canada, pull out pastoring principals from his story of pastoring a multi-ethnic church.  

Consider John’s suggestions for pastors of multi-ethnic churches:

  1. Pursue seminary training in missions.
  2. Think cross-culturally.
  3. Preach through Acts. 

What do you think of John’s advice to pastors? Which of the three points stands out to you the most? Why?
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What experience do you have with a multi-ethnic church? How would you describe your experience? What challenges do you face? What are some of the joys? In what ways has God prepared you to participate in a diverse church culture?
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What practical steps can you take this week to move forward as a leader of your church? Are there any of John’s suggestions you could incorporate? How?
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The demographics of your church are no mistake. God will equip and strengthen you to pastor your church for His glory. Place your trust in Him as you serve your congregation. 

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