Should Every Christian Speak in Tongues?

Two Sides

Some Christians see speaking in tongues as an intimate way to converse with God, but others see it as unjustified babble. How should Christians navigate this controversy? George Robertson, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, Georgia, shares his point of view on speaking in tongues.  

George said he believes "speaking in tongues" refers to the Holy Spirit granting the Apostles the ability to speak other languages to spread the gospel. He suggested it could still exist today, but to him it doesn’t seem likely.  

Do you believe speaking in tongues still exists today? Why or why not?
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Do you agree with George that it is the supernatural ability to speak other known languages? Why or why not?
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George said there is no room for continuing revelation from God in Christianity. In other words, it’s not our job to add to Scripture but to interpret it. What do you think about this statement? Why? Would you change the statement? If so, why?
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Has this conversation about speaking in tongues informed how you can lovingly interact with friends and family who may speak in tongues? If so, how?
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No matter where you land in this debate, our mandate from Jesus is to love one another. If you speak in tongues or believe it’s permissible, be compassionate to those who are against it. If you are against speaking in tongues, approach those who promote special prayer language with humility and understanding. 

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