How to Pastor Business Leaders

Understand, Don’t Slam

Many pastors have little experience with profit margins or product assessment. Even if a pastor has some business-savvy, it can still be tricky knowing how to best minister to business leaders. Listen to Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois, relay how he leads business leaders in his congregation. 

The best way to lead business professionals in your church is to understand the problems they face in the workplace. Once you know what they face, you will be able to offer specific encouragement and advice.  

What challenges face business leaders in your congregation? If you are uncertain, who could you ask to find out?
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Bryan said you shouldn’t compromise your message, but understand that the business world is different than yours. How can you keep the integrity of your message and also show business leaders you understand their difficulties?
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Bryan also made it a point to not slam business leaders, because they have the difficult task of living out their faith in a secular environment. What kind of environment are your business leaders in? Hostile? Welcoming? How can you encourage them to share their faith at work?
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What could you do this week for the business leaders in your congregation? What conversations could you have with them? What are some ways to encourage them?
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Be a student of the business leaders in your church. Befriend them, ask them questions, and have them offer you feedback. Take the next few minutes to pray for the business leaders in your church and ask God to show you how to lead them well.  

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