Is Jesus Unique?

Jesus Stands Apart

The world stage has a cast of religious teaches like Buddha, Mohammed, and Confucius. Jesus stands apart from these leaders in many ways, one of which is His teaching. Jeff Louie pulls two attributes of Jesus’ teaching to demonstrate His uniqueness.  

Jeff is one of the pastors of The Spectrum Church and an Associate Professor at Western Seminary in Santa Clara, California. He is also a founding member of The Gospel Coalition.

Jeff listed two ways Jesus’ claims were unique:

  1. His self-claim
  2. His ethical teaching 

What are some of Jesus’ claims about Himself? How do these claims show Jesus’ uniqueness?
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What is different about Jesus’ ethical teachings? Why does Jesus’ teaching stand apart from other religious teaching?
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Have you gained any new insights about Jesus and His uniqueness? If so, what are they? Does anything encourage you about knowing Jesus’s claims stand out from other religions? Why? How will that knowledge impact your week?
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Jesus is matchless to any other teacher or religious leader who ever lived. He is God, our Savior, and Lord. He draws us to sacrificial love, grace, and joy. Worship Him and thank Him for who He is.  

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