Work-Life Tension

Sustainable, Not Equal

Work-life balance is a hot topic now that we have access to work from virtually anywhere through our phones and cloud technology. Is balance even possible anymore? What if we feel more tension than anything else? In this video from the Work Matters FUSE Forum, Brad Respess talks about that tension and how to embrace it. Brad Respess is President and CEO of Tip Top Poultry, a third generation poultry and food processing company.  

What comes to mind when you think of balance? How do you make an effort to balance your work and life? Are you satisfied with how you’re doing? Why or why not?
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Describe a time you experienced the tension of trying to effectively balance work and home commitments. How did it make you feel? How did you manage the tension?
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Brad thinks it is impossible to view work and life on two sides of a scale. He said, “Balance is bringing everything into a level of tension that is manageable and sustainable.”  

Do you agree with Brad? Why or why not? What do you think he means by “sustainable” here and in the video? What are some sustainable practices that might work for you?
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Brad encouraged those of us who are married to ask spouses for feedback about work-life balance. In what ways does your spouse encourage you in your efforts? What kind of feedback do you think your spouse would offer today? Why?
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We cannot control or perfectly balance every area of our lives. Some weeks will feel balanced and others will tug and pull at us from every direction. May we make peace with the tension and seek the Lord and our spouses for help. 

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