Three Core Values

Quality, Service, Relationships

Strong core values are important. They not only dictate behavior and expectations for employees, but also guide decision-making for leaders. In this video from the Work Matters FUSE Forum, Brad Respess shares the three core values that shape and guide his organization. Brad is President and CEO of Tip Top Poultry, a third generation poultry and food processing company.   

List the core value of your organization. How and why were they chosen? Are there any you would change or add? Why?
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In what ways do those core values inform your behaviors, actions, and decision-making? How do they impact your organization as a whole—from products to culture to sales?
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Have you ever worked at a company where the core values were not upheld? What was that like? How did it impact the organization?
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The three core values at Tip Top Poultry are:
  • Quality: making everything excellent
  • Service: laying down your own needs for others
  • Relationships: pursuing authentic relationships with others and God 

What do you think of these core values? What do quality and service look like in your organization? What role do healthy relationships play in your organization?
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Our core values may be different, but these are good reminders for all of us to labor for excellence, serve sacrificially, and pursue authentic relationships with God and others. 

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