The Power of Forgiveness

Run to Jesus

When we’ve been wronged, the last thing we want to do is forgive our offender. Instead, we often find it easier to put up wall in our hearts built on the bricks of pain, resentment, or revenge. But is that what the gospel teaches? What if Jesus refused to forgive us and forgo the cross? In this 12-minute video from The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference, Mark Mellinger sits down with Jani Ortlund to talk about how to grow in forgiveness. 

Jani Ortlund is Executive Vice President of Renewal Ministries, a well-known conference speaker, and the author of three books: Fearlessly Feminine, His Loving Law, and Our Lasting Legacy.  

Jani said that many times our first impulse when hurt by someone else is defense. Is this true of you? How do you know when you are being defensive? What does it look like in your life?
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When we have been hurt by someone else, Jani encouraged us to go to Jesus and the Word of God. How have you experienced comfort in pain through trusting Jesus? When has Scripture given you perspective in pain, enabling you to trust God with forgiveness, or even justice?
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Describe a time when a relationship in your life was restored because you were able to extend forgiveness. What compelled you to forgive? Did you approach the offender, or forgive that person in your heart? What changed in your relationship after that?
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God forgave all of your present and future sins through the blood of Jesus. What does that mean to you? What holds you back from extending the same grace and forgiveness to others?
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It would be easy to choose revenge and bitterness over grace and forgiveness every day. That is why Jesus came—to satisfy the righteous wrath of God so that we could be forgiven and redeemed. If you are hurt and unable to extend forgiveness, take it to Jesus. He cares about your pain, understands your pain, and will help you find the strength to forgive. 

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