How Do You Repair Broken Body Image?

Be Broken

Flawless faces smile at us everyday from our TVs, computers, and phones. They tempt us to play the comparison game, to see how our bodies measure up to their impossible standard. This game can ruin a healthy body image. What does it look like to have a healthy body image and embrace who you are in Christ? Julie Lowe is a counselor and faculty member for CCEF. She holds an M.A. in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary, has over fifteen years of counseling experience, and teaches on topics ranging from parenting to marriage. Listen to Julie explain how to repair a broken body image.  

 Julie said trying to have a perfect body is like trying to hit a moving target. The standard of beauty changes all the time and it’s impossible to control what everyone thinks of you.  

What things—from outside or from within—can damage a healthy body image? Have you, personally, experienced a broken body image? If so, what do you think contributed to the problem? Why?
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Julie shared a metaphor about a mirror and another about a vase. Which metaphor do you relate to the most? Why?
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Julie said we get in the way of the gospel when we are so concerned with our appearance. We are at our best when we are broken and vulnerable before God and others. 

Why is it better for us to be broken than perfectly put together? Is it easy for you to acknowledge your brokenness? Is it comforting for you to know God wants us to be broken? Why?
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What lies, if any, do you believe about your body image? How can you replace those lies with truth? What can you do this week to begin to see yourself as Jesus sees you?
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Dare to be broken. Let God’s glory shine through you because He is strong when you are weak. 

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