What Does it Mean to Wait on the Lord?

You are Better When You Wait

When we want to hurry up and get married, adopt a child, change jobs, or go to college, sometimes God asks us to wait. What does it look like to wait on the Lord? Julie Lowe is a counselor and faculty member for CCEF. She holds an M.A. in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary, has over fifteen years of counseling experience, and teaches on topics ranging from parenting to marriage. Listen to Julie talk about waiting on God. 

 Waiting on God means letting go of our desired outcome and trusting in a good God who loves us, knows our needs, and is faithful.

Have you ever been a time of waiting? How did it make you feel? Did you feel close or far from God? What questions and doubts did you struggle with?
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What do you think about Julie’s claim that we are better when we are waiting? Do you think of waiting as part of sanctification? Why?
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Is it easier for you to try to control the outcome of waiting or to trust in God? Why?
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How has your attitude toward waiting changed? What can you do this week to put more trust in God as you wait on Him?
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Waiting is for your own good. God is making you more like Him as you wait. Be patient and trust in Him. 

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