What Do I Do When an Adoption Fails?

God is Not Surprised

When an adoption fails, we can forget that God is still sovereign. The truth is that God is not surprised when dreams are shattered and adoptions don’t go through. Julie Lowe is a counselor and faculty member for CCEF. She holds an M.A. in counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary, has over fifteen years of counseling experience, and teaches on topics ranging from parenting to adoption. Listen to Julie’s guidance for parents who face a failed adoption and her family’s story of adoption.  

 How you handle a lost adoption boils down to how you view God. He is sovereign and is no stranger to your situation. 

What stood out to you about Julie’s story? Can you relate? If so, what about her experience is similar to yours? What’s different?
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Is the fact that God is not surprised by your situation comforting? If so, why? If not, what attribute of God comforts you the most?
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What would it look like for you to reframe your story around God’s sovereignty and goodness? What about your story changes? What stays the same? Is it encouraging to look at your story from this perspective? Why or why not?
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Do you trust God with your failed adoption—with the child you were unable to adopt? What steps can you take this week to trust God, even with your grief?
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Even when adoptions fall through, God is with you. He is still good. He sees you. Trust in Him. 

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