Being a Dedicated Leader

Stick to Your Values

Dedication to your business and the people you lead is key to being a good leader. But when things go south, how do you remain dedicated? In his book, Love Works, Joel Manby tells his personal story of disappointment and frustration with business that only focused on the bottom line. He teaches how a 1 Corinthians 13 model for love will transform a business just like it does our personal relationships. Listen to Joel’s story about learning to be dedicated in the midst of a recession. 

We can be tempted to compromise our values when our company loses profits or faces a recession. But as leaders, we have to choose to be dedicated to our workers in good times and in bad. 

Why is it harder to stay dedicated when your company hits a failing bottom line? Have you ever experienced a time where compromise was easier than dedication? What happened?
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Joel mentioned after the recession, his employees were more committed to the company than ever before. What steps can you take as a leader to instill dedication in your employees?
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A balanced leader knows to be dedicated to “do” goals as well as “be” goals. When we focus on our “be” goals, which we can control, it is easier to find contentment.  

Take time to write down your “do” goals and “be” goals. Are you focusing on one category more than the other? What areas are you strong in? Where do you need to improve?
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When we are dedicated to our values and employees, we inspire a culture of dedication. Choose to be dedicated to your company and your people in every circumstance.  

You can find more insights and teaching from Joel Manby in the course Love Works