Set a Standard of Stewardship

Manage the Issues of Stewardship

When focused on your company's profitability, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of giving. A commitment to stewardship requires steadfast principles into which you can invite your people to participate. Most times, the term “stewardship” prompts thoughts of finances, but the concept can be more broadly applied to how we handle all that we have. As Christians, we are called to steward rightly all that God has placed on our hearts to do. Anne Beiler has experienced the power of stewardship in her own business ventures and encourages leaders to place a high value on it for the sake of their workplace.

Anne founded Auntie Anne's in 1987 to support her husband's vision to offer free counseling services in their community. Today, Auntie Anne's Inc. is the world's largest hand-rolled soft pretzel franchise with over 1200 locations worldwide. Anne is among an elite group of women who have founded national companies in America, and is one of an even smaller number who have owned an international franchise company. In 2005, she sold Auntie Anne's and authored her book, Twist of Faith. 

Have you experienced the power of giving personally? If so, how? In what ways do you practice generosity with your business?
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When discussing stewardship, often times money is the first thing that comes to mind, but Anne said that she felt convicted in the stewardship of her time as well. How do you manage your time? What are some ways you would like to improve? How could you better serve others with your time this week?
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Anne highlighted the importance of surrounding yourself with people who understand the power of giving, as it is a principle that must be fought for. How do the people around you influence your commitment to stewardship? Are there any ways in which they resist? If so, how? What do you think motivates their resistance?
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Because of its broad application, stewardship is a principle that should influence our lives as a whole. How do you express the values of giving in your business? In what ways have you worked to create opportunities for your people to participate in your vision for stewardship? Are there ways you can invite them to participate more fully in your vision? If so, how?
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As Anne said, in matters of stewardship we answer to God before our management. Whatever blessing we receive is a gift He has given in order for us to bless others as a result. We give to get so that we might be able to give again. May your leadership be rooted in a commitment to excellence made visible through generous stewardship in the unique ways God has blessed you.

To purchase a copy of Anne's book, Twist of Faith, click here.