Forgiveness in Leadership

Release the Grip of the Grudge

When people wrong us, it can be easier to seek revenge. We can fantasize ways to get back at the person who wronged us instead of forgiving them. A good leader should welcome forgiveness, not revenge. In his book, Love Works, Joel Manby tells his personal story of disappointment and frustration with business that only focused on the bottom line. He teaches how a 1 Corinthians 13 model for love will transform a business just like it does our personal relationships. Listen to Joel explain why forgiveness is so powerful through his own story. 

The only thing we can control when people wrong us is how we react. We can choose to hold a grudge, which only hurts ourselves, or we can forgive.  

What stood out to you in Eric’s story? Have you ever experienced something similar in your company?
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Why is it important to minimize and move on (MAMO)? What makes MAMO difficult to embrace and implement?
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Who do you need to forgive? What steps can you take to minimize and move on? To whom do you need to offer a second chance and what would that look like?
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Forgiveness will release you from the grip of the grudge. As a leader, dare to forgive the workers who wrong you and offer them a second chance. 

You can find more insights and teaching from Joel Manby in the course Love Works