The Work in Front of You

Work, Calling, Ambition

We live in a world where we are told to keep our career options open and look out for number one. It can lead us to a place of navel gazing and confusion when it comes to calling and vocation. What exactly does God want us to do with our lives? Will we ever know? In this 17-minute video from The Gospel Coalition, Mark Mellinger sits down with Katherine Alsdorf to talk openly about work, calling, and ambition in the life of faith. Katherine Alsdorf is the the Senior Fellow of the Faith, Work, & Leadership Initiative at Redeemer City to City where she provides consulting and develops resources to help churches equip people for cultural leadership. 

How does the creation account and the biblical story give purpose to your work? How does it help you appreciate work and maintain a missional focus?
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Katherine said, “We are working even when we do not get paid, but are contributing to something of value.” What does work look like for you right now? How are you contributing value to you home, organization, your community, and the world?
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Katherine said that calling gets distorted in this contemporary environment where there is an overflow of career options. She encouraged us to:

  • Do what is in front of us, instead of keeping options open.
  • Think about the work: Is it enjoyable? Useful to others? Suited to our gifts?
  • Work for and learn from good leaders.
  • Understand that we may only really know our calling in retrospect.  

In what ways have you wrestled with calling throughout your life and career? Have you ever feared that you were not living your calling? Explain.
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Could the opportunity in front of you be your calling right now? Why or why not? How did God prepare you to serve in this role?
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What are you most ambitious to achieve in your life and career? Why? How do you balance your ambition with humility and dependence on the Lord?
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How has our individualistic culture negatively influenced your perception of work, calling, and ambition? How did this discussion encourage you?
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May we maintain a posture of humility in our work, trusting less in our own introspection and more in our God who will lead us where He needs us. Work joyfully and seek the welfare of the world.  

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