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Can a Fortune 500 company really have Scripture hanging on its walls? Shelley Simpson has been working with JB Hunt Transport Services, Inc. since right out of college. Every day she walks into her office and sees the biblical principles on which the company was founded. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, Shelly shares the difference faith makes in her workplace. Shelley began her career at J.B. Hunt as a customer service representative and has been promoted to numerous roles and responsibilities, including her current one as Chief Marketing Officer, EVP, and President of Integrated Capacity Solutions.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., where Shelley’s worked since right out of college, was founded on Christian principles. Scriptures hang on the company's walls to remind employees of their heritage and guide them in their daily work. 

Does your company have Scriptures that guide it? If so, what are they? Do you have personal Scriptures you rely on to guide your work? If so, what are they?
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Shelley admitted that it’s unusual for her company to be a Fortune 500 company and have Scripture hanging on the wall, but notice she didn’t say it was impossible. How could your company grow and be successful by submitting to biblical principles?
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In what ways does J.B. Hunt’s success as a Fortune 500 company inspire you to not only lead in a godly way, but also be excellent in your work?
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It makes a big difference to Shelley that her company was founded by Christian leaders. She has been encouraged and affirmed every day for over two decades by the principles on which it stands. Whether your company was founded on Christian principles or not, you have the ability to lead biblically today, looking out for the interest of your staff and workers and working with excellence.  

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