Diversity in the Workplace

The Best of Everything

It’s easy to get stuck in “same.” The same work, the same processes and procedures. And the same results. How can a company break out of the familiar and embrace something new? In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, Shelley Simpson encourages business leaders to embrace the power of diversity by inviting some different voices to the table. Shelley began her career at J.B. Hunt as a customer service representative in 1994 after graduating from college. She has been with the company ever since, being quickly promoted to various roles and responsibilities, including her current role as Chief Marketing Officer, EVP, and President of Integrated Capacity Solutions.

Diversity isn’t just about having different genders and ethnicities represented in a certain group; it’s also about a diversity of ideas, thoughts, and backgrounds. The goal of diversity is to bring a variety of different people together in order to create the best of everything.  

Shelley mentioned a diversity in age and life and work experience. What value have you seen in having this kind of diversity in your workplace? What value do you see in other types of diversity that come to mind?
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Do you ever think the “best” of your organization is reserved for the leaders who have been a part of the work the longest? If so, in what ways do Shelley’s words challenge you?
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Do you ever feel threatened by people who don’t think like you or criticize your ideas? Where does that fear come from?
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Since JB Hunt Transport began diversifying their company in thoughts, experience, and background, they have experienced an increase in momentum, set new records, and taken their competition to the next level. Shelly believes diversity in their workplace has brought about “the best in everything.” 

What are your organization’s current marks of success? Can any of them be attributed to the diversity of people involved? In what ways might your success be multiplied if you bring more perspectives into your meetings and conversations? What could be holding you back?
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God’s people are vast and varied, and all are of of great value. As you consider workplace diversity, take a look around your existing team. Who do you have working with you? What perspective is lacking? What are some ways you can begin actively recruiting and inviting different kinds of people to your table? 

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