Caring for Your Employees

Be the Light

Being a boss is more than mere management. When an employer or supervisor chooses to care for his or her employees, rather than merely oversee them, they are living out the call God has placed on their life and work. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, Shelley Simpson elaborates. Shelley began her career at J.B. Hunt as a customer service representative in 1994 after graduating from college. She has been with the company ever since, being quickly promoted to various roles, including her current one as Chief Marketing Officer, EVP, and President of Integrated Capacity Solutions, which she helped launch. 

Shelley talked about how employees come to talk to her often, and sometimes it’s about business, but most of the time it’s about something personal. She said in those moments she has the opportunity to share God’s love.

As an employer, do you take the time to check in with your employees to see how they're doing? What do those "check-ins" typically look like?
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What kinds of difficulties are your employees dealing with in their personal lives?
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What kind of boss do you think employees trust? What qualities of a trustworthy leader do you have and exhibit?
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Shelley shared that she often will take an employee’s hand and pray with him or her. Have you ever prayed with one of your employees? What was that experience like? If not, what difference do you think it would make to your employee if he/she knew you would pray with or for them?
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Shelley said leaders need to come alongside their employees, acknowledge hard times, and let them know it’s OK if they’re going through a hard time. She said our job as leaders and employers is to do things like Jesus did them—love people, serve them, and have integrity.  

Have you ever had a supervisor or employer come to you and offer care or support when you needed it? What was that like? What are some ways you can mirror that experience for your employees?
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People are drawn to light, so Shelley tries to be the light. As you work and lead, it’s important that your employees see you as one who reflects Christ. Never underestimate the power you have as an employer to be present in the lives of those who work for you. Ask about their lives back home, consider praying with them, let them know that they are loved and cared for, so that they experience the light of Christ in you. 

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