What Your Ministry Might Be Missing

Be Deliberate

Imagine the potential if Christians everywhere connected their faith with what they do in the office? Greg Gilbert cares deeply for the working men and women of his church. Listen as he encourages pastors to minister deliberately to those who work in their congregations so that they will engage their jobs with Christian truth and conviction. Greg Gilbert is Senior Pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also author of The Gospel at Work and What Is the Gospel?

Greg said that it’s likely that a large number of your people in church on Sundays are already looking ahead to what they have coming up at work during the week. Pastors need to be intentional about helping them engage their jobs with Christian truth and Christian conviction. 

What various feelings might your church’s working men and women be feeling? Anxiety? Relief? Worry? Fear? Exhaustion?
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Generally speaking, what Christian truths speak directly to the issues, worries, challenges, and fears of those who work?
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Greg does two things in order to deliberately minister to his church’s working population:

  • Make his sermon application to the workplace a priority. 
  • Meet weekly for lunch downtown with working people in his congregation in the middle of their workday.  

What intentional ministry, if any, do you do for your church’s working population?
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Describe how people in our congregations might feel if you showed up near their work and took an interest in their busy day.
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How would you feel if someone did that for you?
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Sermons about Christian spirituality, family life, and relationships are great and often needed. But because people are expected to spend 80,000 hours of their life at work, the gospel needs to be brought into their jobs as well. 

What value do you think there is in incorporating work into your worship messages? How does that value compare to speaking about other seemingly more “spiritual” topics? Explain.
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What fruit do you think might grow over time as you talk more about work on Sunday mornings?
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Just as God wants every inch of the world to know about His love in Christ, so too does He want every inch of our lives to reflect His glory. That means that our relationships, the way we spend our time, our thoughts, our jobs, everything are meant to be under the lordship of Christ. 

The people in your church are currently either surviving or thriving in a place where they spend the majority of their day. Why not go to them, connect what they do to the God who loves them, and see how the world changes? 

For more from Greg on this topic, check out his book, The Gospel at Work