Know What Your Business Is About

What’s Your Business?

Leadership of any kind is a people-job. You interact on a daily basis with employees and direct-reports to guide your organization toward success. In this video, Bill Pollard, retired CEO of ServiceMaster, digs into important aspects of leadership. We must serve our people well, but we must also lead well. In order to get at the heart of our leadership, Bill asks, “What’s your business?” 

If servant leadership is focused primarily on the people we lead, then it’s important that we understand the heart of our leadership endeavors. Bill and his board of trustees had to answer the question, “What’s your business?” Their answer was people—they were in the business of training and developing people who did excellent work. 

How would you answer the question? What are you in the business of doing?
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If your business depends on people, then you are, in part, in the business of developing people. How does this reality change your perspective on how you lead?
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Bill said that the important result of asking the question “What’s your business?” was a renewed effort to evaluate how well they were developing their people. Those evaluations allowed the board to determine whether or not they were succeeding a their business. 

How does your business measure the development of people?
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What can you do this week to invest in the development of the people you lead?
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Every business has a goal. Good leadership begins with knowing what the business goal is and measuring progress toward that goal. It’s important that we know that goal as leaders. We can’t measure success without knowing where to put the ruler. This week, evaluate your people and invest in their growth.

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