Build a Legacy in Your People

Invest In Your People

People matter more than products. A leader's influence in the people around him or her lasts beyond the reputation of the company or its stock prices. In this video, Bill Pollard, retired CEO of ServiceMaster, challenges leaders to recognize the potential they have to leave a lasting legacy in people. 

Bill makes the statement, “The story will be told of your leadership not only in the tangible results that can be measured, but more importantly in the lives of the people that you’re responsible to lead.”  

What do you see as your legacy of leadership? How do the people you lead fit into that legacy?
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Bill says people are the only thing with “eternal value.” Do you agree? How would your leadership look if it focused primarily on your people?
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Bill points out that people change as a result of working. Their workplace environment develops them as whole people—not just a pair of hands. The leader, he says, bears the burden of establishing the tone of that environment. 

In what ways have you seen (or felt) a leader change the tone of a workplace? What about that leader caused the change?
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What kind of environment does your current leadership create?
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How are your people growing as a result of your work with them?
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At the end of the video, Bill says, “We all have an opportunity to take our lives and either spend it or invest it. If we just spend it, there’s nothing left over. If you invest it, then there’s a return. The return is in the productive life of the people you touch, mentor, help, and care for—in the people you express love toward.” As leaders, it’s crucial that we invest our lives wisely. 

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