Give Everyone a Chance to Succeed

Level the Playing Field

Good leaders can come from unexpected places. In this video, Steve Reinemund, retired Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., explains the impact people had on him who decided to give him an equal shot at success. A leader's responsibility is to level the playing field, and to equip his or her people to succeed.

Excellent leaders come from all sorts of backgrounds—some privileged and some not. Steve was part of the second group. He succeed because people gave him a chance and leveled the playing field for him. As you look at your own people for potential leaders, remember that even the most underprivileged can have a great impact. 

Are there people in your company that need a level playing field? What can you do to give them an equal chance at success?
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How would your company look if you gave equal importance to every member of the business? What do you think the response would be?
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Who could you work with this week in order to give them a shot at successful growth in leadership?
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You can lead your people to success by equipping the next generation of leaders. If you strive to give everyone a shot, and you commit to mentoring young leaders, both they and your organization will see growth in the future. This week, level the playing field, and open the doors for success.

For more insights from Steve Reinemund, check out the full course The Brave New World of Business.  

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