Let Your Values Shape Your Life

Don’t Lose Yourself in the Thrill of Success

In business, success is thrilling. That thrill, however, can knock your life off course and out of balance. In this post, Steve Reinemund, retired Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., relays the story of how he had to face the hard question of balancing his values with his successes. Sometimes the thrill isn’t worth it. 

If you are going to lead your team in living out the values of the business, it’s important that you live out your own values—even at home. For Steve, that meant stepping back from the thrill of his business’s success and taking a hard look at how his absence affected his family.  

What personal values do you want to live out? How has your approach to work affected your ability to protect those values?
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How could the success of your business affect your own values? Your family? Your church?
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How do you think your life and personal values impact the people in your business?
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As you lead your business well, success is inevitable. But it’s equally important that you protect your personal values from the thrill of winning. As you work to maintain the balance of your life, the people you lead will watch and follow in your example. You can be the catalyst for creating an environment where everyone lives out their own values and the values of the business. 

For more insights from Steve Reinemund, check out the full course The Brave New World of Business.  

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