Keep Your Business Simple

Simplify the System

Keep business simple. In this video, Steve Reinemund, retired Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., argues that one of the most important things in business is simplicity. It’s easy to complicate the business process—especially when dealing with global markets. Listen to Steve tell the story of how he learned what a simplified tactic for business is all about. 

Steve’s predecessor at Frito-Lay looked at the complex business practices of the company and simplified them. He focused on two things: empowering reality and taking back the streets. When the people of the company had a simple, straight-forward way to approach their business, they grew more confident in their own work, and the business flourished. 

According to Steve, what is the value of a simple tactic? How did it affect the people of the business? How did affect the bottom line of the company?
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If you had to describe the processes of your business, would they be complex? Or simple? Can you describe the mission of your business in a single sentence?
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What would your business look like with a clear vision and simplified tactics?
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Complex doesn’t always mean successful. Steve shows how a simplified business model that aims at a clear vision and abides by solid values will succeed. As you work to develop your business and equip your people to succeed, remember to establish a clear vision, simple tactics, and execute both well. 

For more insights from Steve Reinemund, check out the full course The Brave New World of Business.  

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