Navigate Change with Vision and Values

Bend With Change, But Don’t Break

In business, having a clear vision and established values is important. But what about the vast amount of change that buffets the business world? Can we hold to our values in the midst of a market that’s constantly changing? In this video, Steve Reinemund, retired Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., discusses the importance of protecting your vision and values from the winds of change. 

Steve makes the point that if your vision is constantly changing with market demands, you don’t actually have a vision. A vision never changes—it provides the destination for the business, and the values you’ve established keep you on the right path. It’s easy to believe that a rigid set of vision and values can stagnate a company. 

But Steve argues that a solid vision and consistent values make a stronger, more impactful company. He highlights the success of Chick-fil-A in refusing to budge on the company vision and values, but also maintaining a close connection to the consumer in the midst of changing markets. 

In what ways have you been able to stay “close to the consumer” and identify the changes in the marketplace?
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Have you seen those changes affect the vision of your business? If so, why do you think the vision changed? If not, what kept the vision from changing?
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What would a commitment to vision and values look like in your business?
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Change always brings difficult decisions and tricky paths to tread. As you look at your business’s vision and values, remember that clarity is key, and commitment is crucial. You must identify the vision of your company, and then protect that vision from the tide of change in the marketplace. 

For more insights from Steve Reinemund, check out the full course The Brave New World of Business.  

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