Take Time to Look at Your Time

Step Back and Take a Look

Often when the end of the business day finally arrives, we pack up our belongings and head for the door the second we mark off the last box on our checklist. For Don Soderquist, however, reflection was an important part of the end of his day as COO of Walmart. Not only did he make the effort to reflect on how he spent his time, he also had the chance to look at the day’s success and failures. And it made a difference.  

What benefit did Don see in pausing at the end of his day to reflect?
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Taking time at the end of the business day allowed Don to engage with people he may not have otherwise. If you took a few minutes longer in the evening to reflect on the day’s work, what opportunities might that give you?
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Don felt prepared each day because he had thought about it the night before. How could reflection help you each day? What might you have time to think about that you otherwise would leave till the next business day?
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We have to be intentional about how we spend our time. When we leave our schedules unchecked, we can often find ourselves without the resources to do what really matters. This week, be intentional about how you invest your time. As you work, embrace the call to lead with intentionality. Do everything for a reason.  

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