Ditch Distractions to Lead Well

Prioritize the Significant

Does your day get away from you? Do phone calls, emails, and meetings take away from time you'd like to use elsewhere? In this video, Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, deals with the issue of time. We can always find time to do the things we think are important. But what makes good leaders great is their ability to major on the majors. 

What incidental things tend to take up your time? Who could you assign those things to in order to free up your time for more significant things?
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Don argues that the office is too chaotic to allow a leader to do hard thinking. Where do you go to think over the big issues of your business? How does the environment help your thinking?
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Don and Sam spent their time interacting with the actual stores in order to engage with the important things that affected the company. They had to develop another layer of management who could perpetuate the mission of the company, and continue to free up the executive leadership to continue to engage in the big questions facing Walmart. 

Where can you engage in your business to be aware of the major priorities of your company?
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Does your company have good bench strength? What does it look like for you to rely on the leaders beneath you to handle things you don’t have time for?
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Who are you currently training as a leader? What goals do you have for that upcoming leader? How will they help you continue to lead the company?
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Don believes that senior leadership spends too much time in meetings, and that they should be touching the lives of the people in the company. If you focus on your people—equipping new leaders and engaging with those who are in the field—remember that they make the business run. Equip them to perform well, and you’ll be free to continue to lead well. 

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