Never Stop Learning

Not Just a Name Tag

Sometimes little things improve the culture of a company. In this video, Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, tells a story of how he and Sam Walton learned from others. Listen carefully for the kind of attitude they had as they approached a different business’s practices. 

Don and Sam had the humility to admit that another, smaller company did something better than they did. Do you see this kind of humility in your business? Why or why not?
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For Walmart, something as simple as name tags had a profound impact on the culture of the company. What is one small thing you can improve in the next week that may help to change the environment for you workers?
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In this second story, Don relays a conversation between himself and Harry Cunningham, the retired CEO of K-Mart. Harry had pioneered the big-box store model that Walmart adopted, but Harry credits Walmart with the real success.  

Both Walmart and K-Mart used the same store model. According to Don, what differentiated the two in the way they approached business?
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Why was continued improvement so important to Walmart’s success?
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What can you do this week to encourage an environment of continued improvement in your company or organization?
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We need humility to admit that we, as leaders, have room to improve. But humility is a powerful tool in succeeding as a business. Don reinforces over and over that Walmart was never perfect and always learning. As you lead your people, embrace the process of learning and finding new ways to improve, and always seek to learn.  

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