Learn a Lesson from the Competition

Always Improve

As a leader, we're used to having the answers to every question. But both our leadership and our organizations benefit when we strive to learn from others. In this video, Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, highlights lessons he learned from Walmart founder Sam Walton, and points out the importance of chasing opportunities to improve as a company. 

What was different between Don’s perspective of their competition and Sam’s perspective? Which perspective produced better results for the company?
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Which of the two perspectives do you gravitate toward? Which do you think is the better attitude to have? What would it look like in your company to emphasize learning from others?
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What could you do this week to learn from the successes and failures of others?
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 Sometimes it takes humility to admit that someone else does a better job than us or our company. But if we admit that we can improve and look at what others are doing well, we give our people and our organizations a chance to grow. This week, look for ways to learn from others.

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