A Leader Who Set an Example

Build a Culture Intentionally

Sam Walton founded Walmart, and his vision and values shaped the culture of his company. He’s impacted people across the world through his leadership. Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, shares how Sam’s leadership impacted his own leadership style, but also the steps that Don took to ensure that the culture that Sam created lived on after the founder died. 

Don described Sam Walton as the toughest boss he ever knew, but also the most compassionate. How can these two character traits work together in a business leader? What would they look like in your own leadership?
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Don believes that the growth of a culture must be intentional. Sam, and later Don, took intentional steps to create a healthy, compassionate culture for the company. What areas in your business have you intentionally shaped to reflect a healthy culture?
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What is one change you can make in your company’s practice that would help to intentionally develop the culture you wish to create?
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Don carried on the culture that Sam Walton created by intentionally communicating the vision and values of the business. He worked with his people to perpetuate the culture through dialogue. More importantly, he focused on asking how, as a company, they could continue to improve. The open dialogue created an environment that the culture could grow in. As a leader, look for ways to foster a dialogue that will develop a healthy culture.  

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