Nurture a Compelling Culture

Company Culture Matters

The culture of a company is the key to its success. In this video, Don Soderquist, retired COO of Walmart, talks about the important role that leaders have in shaping a culture. If, as a leader, you want your organization to succeed, you must cultivate a culture where employees can thrive.

Every organization has a culture—some grow out of the vision that the leadership create. Others develop through the execution of implicit values among the employees and leadership. 

Would you say the culture of your company is intentional or accidental? Why is it that way?
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Don points out that the vision of the company drove the culture. What would your company look like if it was shaped entirely by the vision and values of the business?
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Don concludes his thoughts on vision and culture in this video. He believes that culture is the key to success. 

If culture is the key to success, describe your concept of the ideal culture for your business. What is one thing you can do today to move toward that vision?
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Culture grows out of values and the vision that leadership provide for the company. If you don’t intentionally develop a solid vision and values, the culture of your business may turn out in a way you don’t like. Culture takes work.  

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