Paint a Picture of Possibility

Dream Big

Do you dream big? In this Don Soderquist addresses the most fundamental part of being a leader: vision. Don spent over twenty years as the Chief Operating Officer, working alongside Walmart founder Sam Walton and helping to create and implement the vision for the company. Without a gripping destination for every worker to pursue, a company can quickly stagnate. In this video, Don discusses the critical responsibility a leader has to create a captivating vision for the company. 

Senior leaders are responsible for casting and circulating the company’s vision. A good vision becomes the driving purpose that solicits and aims the talents of the company’s employees. Don argues that vision is even more important that a business’s bottom line. It’s something even grander than a profitable fiscal year. 

Does your business have a vision? If so, what is it? If not, what has the company prioritized as an informal goal?
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Don points out that a vision should aim at something virtuous. For Walmart, it’s to decrease the cost of living for people near one of their stores. What virtuous goal can your company aim for? How would that change the vision statement of your business?
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What values guide your business toward the primary vision? If your company hasn’t expressed explicit values, what implicit values guide the business?
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Do your people know and embrace the vision and values of your company? If not, what can you do today to begin to cast that vision wide?
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Vision and the values that guide a company toward that vision are the most important pieces of leadership. Senior executives carry the responsibility of leading their people to a daring destination and modeling the company’s values every day. As you develop your own leadership, remember the important role that vision plays for the entire company. 

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