Worship with Your Work

Work Hard, Worship Hard

Can work be worship? Can those of us who have jobs in the “secular” world serve God with our work? Donnie Smith, the President and CEO of Tyson Foods, Inc., says yes. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, he’ll explain his understand of faith, and paint a picture of what worship-at-work looks like.

God intends His people to live every minute of the day filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit. That means the Holy Spirit bleeds into every sphere of our lives. From the moment we slap the snooze button in the morning to the second our head hits the pillow again at night, we live out a calling to serve our God.  

How have you viewed your work in the past? Is it a sacred thing? A secular thing? Both?
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Do you think the division “sacred versus secular” is accurate? How would your view of work change if your work wasn’t secular, but a part of your holy life?
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How would the perspective of “working for the Lord” affect the quality of your work?
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What can you do this week to re-imagine your work as worship to God?
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When we view our work as an act of worship, everything we do at the office takes on eternal significance. Our job become part of our Christian life in a way that makes them worshipful. As you go through your week, remember that you have the great privilege of honoring God with every minute of your day. 

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