7 - Measure and Adjust

Measure and Adjust

You’ve made it! Congratulations on working through several videos and a whole lot of questions about your online church. What’s the final step of success?

Well…there isn’t one, really. As a pioneer endeavor, online church has no real end in sight. Listen as Nate Merrill, Communications Pastor at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas, describes online church as an ongoing process of measuring and adjusting.  

Nate was excited to talk about measuring and adjusting because of how much he does both. When he first got started, he thought online church would be something he’d simply get “up and running,” but he was wrong. Nate and his team are constantly taking note of what’s working, what’s needed, and how to adjust accordingly.  

In what ways does that comfort you? Frustrate you?
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Nate said, “whatever you measure will dictate how effective your adjustments are.” In other words, your measurements are tied closely to whether or not your church changes and, essentially, grows. He shared three levels of measuring: 
  • Level 1 is top-level reporting, and it's dictated by your executive team.
  • Level 2 measures what will help volunteers.
  • Level 3 is the bottom level, which is the most detailed. The online campus staff cares the most about this one. 

What is your current level of measuring? In what ways do you need to measure some new areas (even if you’re in the pre-launch stage) so that you can change and grow more?
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Nate reiterated the same thing that many leaders have said in this course: online church is meant to be a bridge from wherever people are currently to a deeper level of community. The goal is always to connect people to God and one another. If there’s anything in your current practices that’s keeping people from connecting, it’s time to measure and adjust.  

In what ways have you already had to adjust either your thinking about or practicing online church? What future adjustments can you imagine?
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Nate named several specific adjustments they’ve made at his church: 
  • Move from static video (online viewers watching physical campus worship) to live video. 
  • Better equip their volunteers. 
  • Recruit different types of volunteers in different ways.

You’ve probably gone over your “win” or “why” or goal for online church countless times. Knowing it well, what are some ways you and your team can prepare for inevitable adjusting, maybe even re-vamping?
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It’s a lot of work, but regular measuring and adjusting can be what sets you apart in online church down the road. If you take the time now to thoughtfully evaluate and make changes, you will create an online church culture that is open to the Holy Spirit’s leading and exciting to be a part of.

May God richly bless and guide you as you venture into the uncharted waters of online church! You might be nervous to get started or clumsy as you continue to navigate, but rest assured God is with you. The most important thing--as with any church--is to preach the gospel and love your people. Keep that in mind as you connect, communicate, and follow up with all who find you online.