Be a Light in the Midst of Disappointment

We Don’t Always Win

Sometimes we don’t win—plans fail or take an unexpected turn. In the middle of disappointment, how do we respond well? In this video produced in partnership with WorkMatters, Donnie Smith, the President and CEO of Tyson Foods Inc., looks at the way in which we navigate disappointment. 

Donnie admits that, despite his focus, despite his perspective about work and worship, he still struggles with disappointment. We all have to face circumstances that leave us down or frustrated. How we respond in those circumstances reflects on the God we serve.  

When you encounter disappointment or the unexpected in your workplace, how do you typically respond?
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When you feel disappointment setting in, do you take steps to deal with it? If so, what do you do? If not, why not?
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What steps can you take to express confidence in God’s ability to care for His people in the midst of disappointing circumstances?
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What impact would you make on your organization or business if you consistently met disappointment with trust in God?
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How we respond in the hard times often communicates the most about our faith. When we express confidence in God’s ability to take care of us—and our business—we honor Him. This week, be mindful of disappointment, and use rough circumstances as a way to glorify God. 

This post was taken from the course 6 Facets of Faith at Work. You can view the entire course here

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