A Leader Who Asks for Help

Ask for Help and Listen

A leader has the crucial responsibility of equipping and empowering his or her people to do their jobs well. In this video produced in partnership with WorkMatters, Donnie Smith, the President and CEO of Tyson Foods Inc., explains his thoughts on the importance of asking for help and listening. More often than not, the employees or team members closest to the situation have the best solutions.

Donnie believes God gave humans two ears and one mouth for a reason—he commits to listening to his people when he asks them for help. Donnie admits that it’s difficult—rarely will a leader listen to his or her team, trust the team to come up with the right answer to a  problem, and then act on the team’s suggestion. But if that leader will take the risk, be vulnerable, and depend on his or her people, Donnie argues that the leader will find the best answers. 

Historically, what has been your approach to solving problems with a team or in a new situation?
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Have you solicited help from employees or team members? If so, what was the result? If not, why not?
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Are there obstacles in your organization or company that would prevent you from listening to employees or team members? If so, what are they, and what could you do to remove them?
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Donnie believes that employees want to do good work, but they need an environment where they can win. A leader’s willingness to trust his or her people goes a long way to creating that environment. What can you do this week to build an atmosphere of trust with your employees or team members?
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A leader who involves his or her people in the problem-solving process empowers those team members to succeed. The leader builds trust by listening and acting on the input he or she receives. As you lead your company or organization this week, look for ways to listen.

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