A Leader Who Serves

Rethink Your Leadership

When it comes to a organization's structure, where does the leader stand? At the front, or in the back? In this video produced in partnership with WorkMatters, Donnie Smith, the President and CEO of Tyson Foods Inc., digs into the mechanics of leadership that have made Tyson Foods successful. Rather than make the business about him—the leader—he strives to empower the true stars of the company.

Leaders lead, don’t they? We tend to conceptualize the leadership role of a company as the head. But for Donnie, a leader’s responsibility is to step out of the spotlight and support those who are really the stars of the company—the employees. A leader who equips his or her people to succeed at their jobs empowers them to grow the entire company. Sometimes, a leader needs to rethink his or her leadership model. 

Where does your leadership fall on the scale of visibility and importance? In your organization, who serves whom?
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What would it look like if you structured your leadership to support the staff and employees who advance the company? Would anything change? If so, what?
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Who are the stars of your organization? As a leader, how can you support them?
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What is one thing you can do this week to begin the process of rethinking your leadership?
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Leadership roles are important. For many, they are a sign of hard work over many years. But in the life of a company the people of the company need the support of their leaders to thrive and succeed. This week, look at your leadership and dedicate yourself to serving those who work for you. 

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