Safe to Thrive at Work

It's OK to Take a Risk

It's one thing to have an explicit value like servant leadership. It's another thing altogether to create an environment where men and women live out that value in the workplace. Cheryl Bachelder, the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, worked hard to instill a culture of service in her company. In this video produced in partnership with WorkMatters, Cheryl shares her perspective on how to change a company's culture.

Whenever someone tries something new, failure is always a possibility. As a leader, you have the unique opportunity to facilitate a safe environment where people can experiment, take risks, and grow. 

In your experience, have you seen a safe-to-take-a-risk environment encourage growth and innovation? If so, why did it work? If not, why not?
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In your own business or organization, what kind of culture could you encourage by providing a safe environment for employees or team members?
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What would your company stand to gain by fostering an environment where people felt safe to innovate, take risks, and grow as individuals?
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How could you—this week—encourage the development of a safe-to-grow environment in your business or organization?
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Practice, innovation, and risks are what allow organizations to succeed. As a leader, you have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for culture transformation by creating a safe environment for your people. This week, look for ways to encourage employees or team members to pursue innovation, practice the culture of the company, and to grow. 

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