Why Do You Work?

You Need a Reason

The alarm clock buzzes, the coffeemaker turns on, and we roll out of bed.  But what really gets our feet out the door and on the way to work? Cheryl Bachelder is the CEO responsible for turning around Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. Instrumental to her leadership is purpose—knowing why she goes to the office every day. In this video produced in partnership with WorkMatters, Cheryl discusses the value of knowing why we work.

 Knowing why you work involves looking at your life experience, strengths and skills, and values. Cheryl argues that those three areas shape the purpose of the work we do every day. Purposeful work is shaped by our experiences, bolstered by our strengths and skills, and guided by our values. 

How would you answer Cheryl's question, "Why do you work?"
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In light of your answer to "why do you work," what role do your strengths and talents have in giving purpose to your work? What about your life experiences?
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Do your values shape why you work? If so, how? If not, why not?
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Look through your answers above. Has thinking through why you work changed your perspective? Why or why not? What can you do differently this week to employ what you've learned?
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As a child, we ask "why" constantly. As adults, we tend to avoid the question. When it comes to our jobs—where we spend so much of our lives—knowing why we work is important. Knowing the "why" gives us purpose and empowers us to align our whole selves with our jobs. This week, reflect on the "why" of your job, and commit to finding or strengthening your purpose at work.

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