Memorable Small Groups

Five Questions

It takes a lot of time and preparation to lead a small group lesson. Yes, time studying the lesson for yourself and developing engaging questions for your group…but what else? What more should be done to prepare? Listen as pastor Eddie Mosley shares five things to think through in preparation that may help you lead more memorable and life-changing lessons. Eddie Mosley is the Disciple-Making Pastor at LifePoint Church for the FBC Smyrna campus in Smyrna, Tennessee. Eddie gives direction and strategy to adult small groups and other adult ministries. 

Describe the most memorable small group lesson of your life. What made it so memorable?
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Eddie shared five things for small group leaders to consider when preparing:

  1. Icebreaker Question: What open-ended question will get people thinking about your main point?
  2. One Main Point: What one thing do you want people to take home and live out?
  3. Relationships: How can you apply lessons to their individual lives and circumstances?
  4. Apprentice: Who will help you lead the group, regularly or in your absence? 
  5. Team Players: How can everyone participate in the lesson—reading, praying, acting, creating? 

If you already know the topic of your next small group lesson, think through the points posted above. What open-ended question could you use? What one thing do you want people to take home? How can you apply the lesson directly to their circumstances? How could everyone play a part in the lesson?
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Which of these things are already part of your small group preparation? Which of these are you most excited to implement and why?
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Eddie said that relationships are key to leading memorable small groups. If you are still getting to know group members, what are some ways you can build more fellowship into your time together? How can you get to know them outside of group time?
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If you know your group members well, list a few of their individual gifts, strengths, and passions. What are some creative ways you could use those gifts and passions in future lessons?
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Eddie provided a helpful outline for leading memorable and impactful small group lessons. Faithfully prepare and humbly lead your group, trusting most in the work of the Holy Spirit to illumine the Word and move in the hearts of group members.