Sermon-Based Studies

Three Questions

There are so many benefits to discussing sermons during small group study. It is an opportunity for the church to dig deeper in the selected Scriptures together and it provides a safe space for members to talk through questions and encourage each other in application. Listen as pastor Eddie Mosley shares with small group leaders three questions that can prompt powerful discussions in sermon-based studies. Eddie Mosley is the Disciple-Making Pastor at LifePoint Church for the FBC Smyrna campus in Smyrna, Tennessee. Eddie gives direction and strategy to adult small groups and other adult ministries.

What has been your experience with sermon-based small group studies? What do you like and not like about sermon-based studies, and why? What does your small group think about them?
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Eddie encouraged us to discuss these three questions in sermon-based studies:

  1. WHAT? - What is the context of Scripture? What is it saying?
  2. SO WHAT? - What difference does this make to my life?
  3. DO WHAT? - What will I do with this? How will I respond?

How might these questions help your personal study of the Word? What resources could you use to supplement sermon research and help your group dig deeper into context and meaning?
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How might these questions benefit your small group discussion? How might they impact application and accountability?
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Like Eddie said, these questions can be used for small group study and discussion, but also for your personal study and application of the Word. Try taking sermon notes in this format to see what you think!