Motivating my Church to Get Outside the Walls featuring Larry Osborne

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God has called all of us to get out there and serve others. But we are gifted in different ways and are passionate about different things. Dr. Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in San Diego shares how he motivates his church body to get outside the walls and serve others. Larry is a sought-after speaker and has authored numerous books including "Sticky Church" and "Sticky Teams."

Larry gave 3 practical tips for motivating the people we lead to serve beyond the walls of the church:

  • 1. Go with them “out there,” help people make good intentions happen.
  • 2. Avoid gift projection (not everyone will be as passionate about what the leader visions).
  • 3. Find those that have the gift and mobilize them to help others.

What do you think of that list? How can you implement those as you lead people beyond the wall?
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Larry said that there were many Scripture passages on the body of Christ, yet we don’t always run our churches through that grid. Think of the people you lead. What are they passionate about? How are they gifted? How can you help them serve outside the walls and in their communities?
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Who can you raise up to mobilize others? What gifts and passions do they have? How can you be a catalyst (equip and unleash) for their pursuit?
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All of us are called to do some of the work. Let's be the Body of Christ!