You Were Created to Make an Impact featuring Erwin McManus

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Most of us want our lives to mean something. Most of us want to make an impact in our families, communities, places of employment, and even in the world for God. But that costs you something. What are you willing to trade to make an impact for God?

A trader is someone who uses their time, talents, and energy to help others find Jesus. A trader is someone who makes an impact, because they feel compelled by the Gospel of Jesus to do so. How are you a trader? In what ways are you making an impact?
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Check out this video clip from Erwin McManus, Pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles. Erwin's message is inspiring and important ... how will you leave a mark?

Is your small group more like a guitar locked inside a case or a dinged and dented guitar that plays sweet music?
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What I liked about the story of Erwin's daughter buying dinners for strangers was that she followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It would have been much easier and more comfortable if she just ignored the Holy Spirit and ate her dinner. But she would have missed out on the joy of following God and the other person would have missed out on the blessing of the free meal. What can you do to encourage your group to follow the Holy Spirit's promptings? How can you encourage your group that being dinged and dented is worth it, because that's the only way to make an impact?
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I love this video about Christina because it shows that you don't have to rely only on scheduled ministry activities to make an impact. Christina used her every day situations to find ways to be a trader.

Christina's story breaks down some serious walls. Many people think that "ministry" happens either inside the walls of the church or only during scheduled church functions. Don't get me wrong... I love the things we do in our church and I love the scheduled ministry we have, but there are additional opportunities for ministry. How can you encourage the people in your group to see the everyday moments of their lives as a way to make an impact for His glory?
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Here's an idea for you to tee up conversation in your group about making an impact. Send out the link below for the video about Christina. Ask everyone to watch it before you meet and answer this simple question: How can you make an impact in someone's life like Christina?

This teaching video is an excerpt from the Chasing Daylight Bible study series. You can find the entire series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library. Direct link:

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