Preparing for Our Mission Trip using RightNow Media

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Welcome to RightNow Media where we will go through training to prepare for our mission trip. You can do these online trainings any time that is convenient for you. These sessions aren’t designed to take the place of our face-to-face meetings, but instead are intended to enhance the time we do get together.

First, watch this fun video about stepping out even when feeling inadequate. Go ahead and click play on the video box below.

Yep, we'll run into situations where we feel inadequate, but that's ok. That video is just a funny way to remember that we don't have to be experts to be a part of God's plan to rescue others!

Many of our training sessions will have funny videos like Not an Expert. Sometimes you may have a teaching video, an article to read or an audio clip to listen to...either way, I'll usually ask questions about the content you are viewing. These questions are designed to help you prepare for ministry. They also help me understand some of the issues you are going through and allow me to answer questions you may have about our mission trip, discipling others or even the logistics of travel. So go ahead and answer the following question in the space below. What is an area that you would like more training in or information about before our trip?
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After you have watched the video and answered the question, you can click the “next” button below this box. And if you ever need to take a break, click the “Save & Return Home” button and the system will remember where you left off.

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The sessions I’ll be sending you often include several “pages.” At the top of this page, the progress bar shows you that this training has two pages. 

I am thankful that you are a part of this team. It is incredible to realize that the God of the Universe has prompted you through His Holy Sprit to step out in faith!  

Check out the video below as it encourages us to use what God has given us to help change the world. 

I love how God has given you gifts, skills, talents and passions that are vital to this team. And He will use each of us so that we can be a part of His plan to change the world.

In addition to providing you with some training for our mission journey, this system also lets me hear directly from you, when it’s convenient for you. I would love to pray for you. What's going on in your life ... with family, work, school, and the preparation for this journey? Use the space below to let me how I can pray for you.
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As you go through these trainings, be honest and open with your answers, so that I’ll know how to best help you.

Take a moment as you finish this session to pray for our mission journey. Pray that God would continue to guide our team, bonding us in friendship as we are on mission together. And that he’d use our team in amazing ways to impact  and serve others for His glory. Pray that God would continue to use our church to influence the world for His Kingdom. 

(Oh and one more thing...don't forget to hit the submit button. I won't be able to see any of your answers until you do. And you can always re-watch any of the trainings by clicking the "view" link in your “completed posts” to the left of your inbox.)