How to Deal with Difficult Situations featuring Erwin McManus

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Life is most certainly precious. Watch this short video to get in the right frame of mind. It speaks to the importance of every moment.

I want to be able to pray for you specifically so use the space in the box below to write down some things that are on your mind. Maybe the short video prompted an issue of struggle or an area of uncertainty in your own life. Let me know ... and I'll pray for you. After you are done, go ahead and go to the next screen.
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Erwin McManus is a pastor at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles. In this clip he does a great job of helping us understand the reality that life doesn't always work out as planned. I think that is huge for you as a leader to realize for your group. You have the chance to help your people deal with their struggles. Pay careful attention to Erwin as he describes what we can be certain of.

What is something that you know for certain ... something that you know deep in your soul?
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Read Romans 8:28. How can you help someone cling to that verse without making them feel like it's just an easy formula? What can you do to understand the depth of their despair, while bringing the truth of Jesus?
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I'd like for you to think about the people in your group and how you can help them be certain of foundational truths. Pray for God's help to lead them to a deeper and more meaningful study of Scripture. That way they will have a bank of certainty they can withdrawal from in difficult times.

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Watch this video about Steve and Kim and step into their world as they discovered that their newborn son had autism.

How do Steve and Kim inspire you? What does their story teach you about people in your group? Is there anything in Steve and Kim's story that can help you encourage someone in your group?
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This teaching video is an excerpt from the Chasing Daylight Bible study series. You can find the entire series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library. Direct link:

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