Love Your Neighbors

Walks & Block Parties

Jesus challenged us to love our neighbors. We often take this to mean our friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. But doesn’t it also means our literal neighbors next door and down the street? We often see them in passing, but many of us never take the time to get to know and love them. How can we? Listen as pastor Eddie Mosley shares three ways he and his family built relationships with neighbors. Eddie Mosley is the Disciple-Making Pastor at LifePoint Church for the FBC Smyrna campus in Smyrna, Tennessee. Eddie gives direction and strategy to adult small groups and other adult ministries.  

How well do you know your neighbors? What do you know about them and how did you get to know them?
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What is the biggest challenge in getting to know your neighbors? What fears might you have?
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Eddie shared three ways he and his family have met and built relationships with their neighbors: 

  1. Prayerfully walked the neighborhood. 
  2. Thew block parties on a holiday. 
  3. Hosted a cookout.  

Which of these ideas might you consider? When might be a good time to walk around your neighborhood? What might a block party look like? Who could you invite to a cookout?
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If you already know many of your neighbors, how do you love and serve them? How else could you be more intentional in your love—cooking them meals, babysitting, taking their trash to the street, playing sports with them, inviting them to a Bible study?
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There are so many ways we can build relationships with our neighbors if we give it a little effort and intentionality. Take time today to pray for your neighbors and ways you can get to know them.