Live Like Everyone's Watching

Integrity Matters

 We often think of integrity as affecting the things we do when know one's watching. But integrity also means we live consistent with our values while everyone else is watching. Doug McMillon, the President and CEO of Walmart, knowing that his employees and, particularly, his sons are watching keeps him striving to live well and lead by example. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, Doug outlines his perspective on living a life of integrity.

We we live consistent with our values and faith, we set a good example for those who may be watching. But we also gain an opportunity to share our faith with those who might ask, "Why do you live the way you live?" 

How do you define integrity? What does living with integrity mean to you? How does it play out in your life at work?
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What things—whether your faith, or family, or other convictions—have challenged you to live with integrity? For whom does your life set an example?
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Has your Christian faith changed the way you live your life? The way you work? How has that affected those around you? Have you ever been asked, "Why are you different"?
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Doug pointed out that the faith we live out offers true hope to the people who watch us. In what way can you commit to live out your faith this week?
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People watch us. As believers, we paint a picture of the Savior we serve through our actions, our choices, and our words. If we intentionally pursue a life of high integrity—doing the right thing always—we not only bring honor to God but also proclaim the hope of salvation through Jesus. This week, commit to living with integrity, and live out the hope of the gospel. 

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