The Bible Keeps Your Feet Firm

Bible First, Breakfast Second

Wheaties might be the breakfast of champions, but Bible reading and prayer are the best way for a follower of Jesus to start the day. Doug McMillon, the President and CEO of Walmart, shares how he starts his day on the right foot. He tries to start every day with quiet and prayerful reflection. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, Doug outlines the importance of a faith foundation at work.

For Doug, the most important part of his day starts with Bible reading and prayerful reflection. Recalibrating around that moment of focus throughout the day helps keep him centered on the right values and perspective. But it doesn't happen passively. 

How do you start your day? What do you do to prepare for the responsibilities and, possibly, stress of the oncoming workday?
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What role does Bible reading and prayer play in your life? Does it influence how you function throughout your day? Why or why not?
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What do you do to stay grounded in the middle of a hectic workday? Do you have a process for handling stress that builds up? If so, what is it? If not, what could you do?
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What can you start doing today to keep your mind fixed on the good things of God throughout your workday?
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No matter how much we enjoy our work, each day brings with it new challenges and new stressors. Starting the day right—focused on God's Word and His direction for our day—can help to mitigate the stress. Not only that, we can honor and glorify Him with our actions and words. Today, keep your feet planted on God's Word. 

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